Desai Chemicals is an integrated supply company committed to providing the best sourcing and material supply solutions to meet every customer’s unique needs. Desai Chemicals supports utilities, suppliers and manufacturers in the industry through streamlined communications, and collaborative cost saving.

In current dynamic market we take pride in our ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers, suppliers, and the market.


We develop supply chain with good sourcing knowledge to drive solutions that address the big picture and long term needs with our rightful approach to sourcing without compromising on product quality and time commitments.


We recognise there are many different partners in the supply chain. Our goal is to be much more than a supplier or vendor. Through open communications and common goals, we can all be partners in our supply chain relationship to ensure success for all parts of the supply chain.


Quality ensures the success of any business. Our major focus is on consistent quality beginning from initial concept to the final execution. Customer satisfaction without compromising on integrity is our primary goal. We intend to deliver world class products and aspire to meet our customer expectations. Our strict quality control policy ensures that the end users are supplied only with the best quality standards products. Our products have been successfully recognized nationally as well as internationally for the same.